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Whatever your current life needs are – saving for your family’s future,

protecting you and your loved ones from life’s uncertainties,

or making sure your business has some cover – choose from our

expanding range of Life Insurance products to satisfy them.

Krour-Sar 123

If you are looking for a multi purpose savings and protection plan, we offer Krour-Sar 123. 


  • Up to 117% Maturity Benefit
  • Discounts on over $30,000 Sum Assured
  • Our affordable Premiums are competitively priced 


Yearly Renewable Term 

When either your family or your business depend on you financially, then what you need is pure protection. Our Yearly Renewable Term plan is the right life insurance product for you.


  • Financial support if something happens to you
  • Your business can continue in times of need
  • If you’re 30 years old you may pay less than 2,000 Riel a month*

*Our annual premium for a 30 year old woman is less than $6 per year

Critical Illness 

Some of the most frequent critical illnesses in Cambodia are stroke, heart disease and liver failure.*


Our Critical Illness Rider offers you enhanced benefits for 14 critical illnesses, when you add it to your Krour-Sar 123 Endowment plan. So you can make sure that you cover important medical expenses in time.


  • Payout up to 100% Sum Assured of main policy 
  • Accelerated benefit – upfront payment upon diagnosis
  • Covers major critical illnesses like stroke and liver failure 


  • Source IMHE 2017