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Krour-Sar 123

A solid investment and protection plan for you and your family

A savings plan for education or unforeseen future events

You can receive up to 117% of your total basic premiums paid once your Krour-Sar 123 plan matures.

We offer 10, 12, 15 or 20-year plans. How much you receive at maturity depends on the duration of your plan. To find out more call us at 023 426 888 or speak to your Phillip Life Assurance Planner.

Flexibility starting from 10 years plans

You can decide how much cover you want and for how long, starting from 10-year plans.

We offer discounts on any Sum Assured above $30,000

Call us at 023 426 888 for more details to your Phillip Life Assurance Planner.

200% Protection

Protect your family’s security by getting double your Sum Assured in the event of death or disability by accident.

So if you take out a Krour-Sar 123 plan for Sum Assured $30,000, your family will receive $60,000 in the event of total and permanent disability or death caused by an accident.

Transparent Plans

Before making any decision, it’s important that you understand whether a Krour-Sar 123 Endowment plan is what you need

We can take time at your convenience to provide more detailed information and understanding so that you’re completely comfortable before proceeding.

Call us at 023 426 888 or speak to your Phillip Life Assurance Planner.

Krour-Sar 123 in more detail

It offers the following benefits

100% of Sum Assured payout on death or total and permanent disablement due to an illness.

200% of Sum Assured payout on death or total and permanent disablement due to an accident.

Maturity benefit up to 117% of total basic premiums paid for a 20-year plan, so long as no claim has been made. The total maturity amount depends on which plan you take – 10, 12, 15 or 20-year plan.

The maturity benefit excludes any added premiums, health loadings such as a Critical Illness Rider, service charges, and tax.

Here’s an example

Mr Chhan is 32 years old. He chooses a 20-year Krour-Sar Endowment Plan for 20 years at Sum Assured $20,000 to cover death by illness, and $40,000 for death by accident.

If his annual premium is $533, after 20 years he will receive his premiums back, plus an added maturity benefit.

In total Mr Chhan receives $12,268, which he can use for his children’s education, family savings, or investment .

What if something happens to Mr Chhan?

If Mr Chhan is unfortunately in a fatal accident at Year 10 of his 20-year policy, we will pay his family 200% of his Sum Assured, or $40,000 in total

The policy is then terminated.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is in good health, and aged between 1 and 55.

Anyone under 18 years old needs to apply together with their parents.

If you want to insure your children, you must insure all eligible children equally at the same amount.

All applicants must not be more than 65 years of age when the insurance cover matures.

Want more information?

For a more comprehensive understanding please call us at 023 426 888, or speak to your Phillip Life Assurance Planner.

We can then give you an exclusively prepared and detailed product illustration based on your details.

This will provide you with the most important information you need to know about your insurance plan.

Want even more protection?

Take a look at our Critical Illness rider. This is an accelerated benefit covering 14 critical illnesses. This means you will receive upfront payments upon diagnosis.

It’s one of the most comprehensive that you’ll find in Cambodia.

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